Guidelines for Family-to-Family Communication Forum

All users are asked to read and agree to the following guidelines for this forum:

Who We Are
We are individuals from many backgrounds who share the common experience of having a child who needs some type of specialized care. We know the joys and struggles of this journey and have come here to exchange ideas, information and resources, while offering support and encouragement to each other.

At this time we ask that all members of the forum are patients and/or families of patients of Children’s Specialized Hospital. We anticipate opening up the forum to a broader audience in the future.

Who We Are Not
We are not experts in anything other than our own child. We are not doctors, therapists or lawyers and cannot give medical or legal advice. We may share things that have worked for us but, each person must seek the advice of the professionals caring for their family. We can share resources which have helped us but, each person must determine if that resource would meet the needs of their child. We strongly believe that each family knows what is best for their child and respect each family’s decision making process.

We are not a place for anyone seeking to collect data/information about our families, raise funds, sell products or promote a business. Anyone attempting to use the group for this purpose will be removed.

It must be clearly understood that though we cannot guarantee the privacy of those participating in this group, protecting the confidences of our families is extremely important to everyone at CSH. Please help us with this by keeping confidential all information shared here. In addition, please do not share any identifiable information about your own family. For example, use “son” and “daughter” rather than specific names. Never reveal your address or phone number. Upon registering for this group, you will be asked to select a username. Please select something that will further protect the identity of your family. For example, use beachmom4 or campingdad2, rather than JaneThompson or BobWilliams.

This should be a safe place to share. Please respond to each other in kindness and be accepting of different ideas and experiences. Differences of opinion are unavoidable but, our responses should always be respectful. Sarcasm. arguing, rude/offensive language and bullying will not be tolerated.

Though we are coming together to give support, we cannot be responsible for anyone’s safety. If you are concerned for your safety, or the safety of your loved one, please contact 911 immediately. If you have a medical concern, including questions about medications and symptoms, always check with your doctor. Should a post or comment by another member give you concern for their safety or the safety of another, please alert the group moderator by either flagging the message or clicking the "Contact Moderator" button in the footer of any page.