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    Hi Families......
    Next month, many of our schools are closed for the teacher convention. I am looking for good day trips for my kids. I would also consider an overnight. So many places end up not being a good fit for my special needs child. It is so hard to find destinations that are good for my whole family. I especially need places that are hands on for my child. Any suggestions? Physical accessibility isn't an issue for me but, if you have found some really accessible destinations, I bet other families would love to know about those. Please share your ideas. I really want to do something fun with the family next moth. Thanks!

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    This time last year, we went to the Jamestown Settlement in Va. It was one of the best history related places we have gone. There is an indoor museum with a combination of displays behind glass, short videos and hands on displays in each room. Outdoors there are three areas....ships, a Powhattan village and a fort. Every area is heavy with things children can touch and do. There are many live demonstrations as well. We could actually go inside the buildings and on the ships. We all loved it. I hear the Yorktown site down the road is just as wonderful and contains a working farm and encampment. I believe Jamestown is great for so many different children. There is much to see and do for those with short attention. Everyone is encouraged to touch things, try on period costumes, use tools, etc. so, mom isn't having to keep saying, "Don't touch." or the famous, "Look with your eyes." The way it is set up, there are open areas where you can take a break if your child is overstimulated by the crowds and activities. In terms of physical accessibility, there is one hiking type trail that would be impossible. Going on the ship would be a problem but, most of the talk is given while everyone is on the pier before entering the ship. Everything else, inside and out, is accessible (though a bit bumpy off the path).


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      I have never been but a friend of mine just told me about Jake's Place. its in Cherry Hill, looks like fun if the weather next week is good.

      Here is information I found about it online:

      Jake’s Place in Cherry Hill, New Jersey was unveiled in October 2011. The park is named for Jake Nasto, who passed away in 2008 at the age of just two. His parents decided to form Build Jake’s Place with the purpose of raising the money needed to develop an all-inclusive playground for children. CVS Pharmacies provided a notable portion of the playground’s funding, while the rest came through contributions from local people and companies. The park cost roughly half a million dollars to build. Boundless Playgrounds chipped in with the design, which includes sensory sections, a ramp, wheelchair lifts, slides and more. Plus, there are special areas in which autistic kids can spend time by themselves or spin around.


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        I live in Cherry Hill and my family was involved with a number of fundraisers for the building of Jake's Place. It is a fun spot! There are also other things to do on the grounds. Let us know how you like it!

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      Chuck E Cheese is offering "Sensitive Sundays" click the following link for details and information. Can make for a fun afternoon!


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        There are autism-friendly performances at the Papermill Playhouse, Milburn, NJ click on the link for dates and times


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          One last post .... an article with great suggestions for special needs families to find relaxation and fun at resorts with special needs in mind. Of course for my family and I we spent vacation time at Disney, but these are some great ideas as well.


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            May 19th Saraha Sam's will have special needs night. Special Needs Events, hosted by Sahara Sam’s Oasis, provide fun, judgment-free evenings for individuals with special needs to enjoy with their family and friends. Special Evenings at Sam’s, or S.E.A.S., are offered to the community at a significantly reduced rate and are designed with the unique challenges of special needs individuals in mind. Our goal is to provide a comfortable evening that allows individuals to have fun and network with other families.

            For questions regarding Sahara Sam’s Special Needs Events & Birthday Parties: contact